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Confidence. That is what a home inspection can bring you as you begin the process of making one of the biggest investments your family will ever make.

In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have us give you an unbiased, professional home inspection. We are trained to identify problem areas both big and small that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which problems require immediate attention.

Our prices are fair and we do not rush through. We take our time and encourage you to attend your inspection so that you may ask questions.

Don't make a decision that is based on the emotion of falling in love with a house.

Let us help you fall in love with the right house!

About Us

We are proud affiilliate members of the Abilene Board of Realtors

Products and Services

We offer honest assessments of the property that you are looking to buy.

We represent you and email you a confidential report of everything that we see during the inspection. We cannot share the report with anyone without your permission.

We also do pre-listing inspections. If you want to find out about the weaknesses of your house before you sell, we will do a complete inspection of the property and help to make the selling process smoother and the house more attractive to buyers.